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Engineering training partners ‘top of the class’

19 May 2022
Engineering training partners ‘top of the class’

With a number of engineering apprenticeships up for grabs, Moy Park caught up with its GB and NI training partners to shine a light on the programme and its benefits.

To apply for our engineering programme visit:

Closing date: Sun 22nd May

In GB, we deliver our engineering apprenticeships in collaboration with Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMET). The college specialises in the engineering sector and is renowned for its commitment in improving facilities and bettering the workplace for both staff and students.

BMET offers level 2 – 6 apprenticeships in engineering and manufacturing across its three campus’ Sutton Coldfield, Matthew Boulton and James Watt.

Discussing the partnership, Neil Davies, Director of Engineering at BMET said, “Here at BMET, we focus on providing expansive learning and bespoke skills to grow successful careers in engineering. Having worked alongside Moy Park for the past few years we are proud to have created a series of comprehensive and valuable apprenticeship programmes to allow each apprentice to excel in their careers.”

In Northern Ireland, Moy Park is collaborating with South West College (SWC), a key provider of vocational and technical education and training. SWC has an impeccable track record of equipping participants with the skills employers need to flourish and grow which has been particularly evident in the engineering sector.

Speaking on the partnership, Alastair Booth Head of School for Engineering at South West College said,

“SWC and Moy Park are both committed to supporting and fostering local talent and we look forward to welcoming the students in the coming months. The new roles will offer a range of opportunities for people looking to develop careers in an important and growing sector and they present exciting pathways for the apprentices.”

Moy Park’s engineering apprenticeship scheme is now open for applications, visit: to apply.

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