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Moy Park produces a broad range of products across chicken, beef and meat free categories with solutions from prepared foods and award winning BBQ ranges, to onion rings and apple pies.

The company supplies branded and own label chicken products to leading retailers and foodservice providers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe and is an industry leading manufacturer of organic, free-range and higher welfare chicken.

We are dedicated to continually striving for fresh, innovative and efficient ways to operate in a more responsible and sustainable way. Investment and modernisation of our assets over recent years, alongside continuous training and development are testament to this dedication.

Agri Business & Live Production Services Business Unit

This business unit is concerned with everything involving growing chickens, managing chickens and driving their performance, welfare and bird improvement.

Agri BU

The agriculture operation goes back 3 years, into the higher generations of stock, the Grand Parent and Parent operations, which then produce the broiler birds. The agriculture is responsible for the genetics, higher generation stock, genetic sales, genetic improvements, egg sales and Grand Parent integration. The Live Services part of the team looks after bird performance, infrastructure, performance, nutrition, health, all of which covers the operating environment, bird health & welfare, and the community that we are working in.

Fresh Poultry Business Unit

Fresh BU

We have 4 fresh poultry sites based at Anwick, Dungannon, Ballymena and Ashbourne.

These sites produce a range of products including:

  • Whole Chickens
  • Portions
  • Deboned thighs
  • Fillets and mini fillets
  • Ingredients
  • Livers

Prepared Foods Retail Business Unit

We have two prepared Foods Retail sites: Our Ready to Cook sites at Craigavon and Grantham, produce a range of products including:

  • Cooked wholebirds
  • Marinated chicken
  • Snacking products
  • Cooked sliced meats

Our Coated sites at Craigavon and Grantham, produce a range of fresh and frozen products including:

  • Nuggets & goujons
  • Chicken Kievs
  • Steaks & patties
  • Portions
Prepared foods retail 2
Prepared foods retail 1

Prepared Food Foodservice Business Unit


The Foodservice Business Unit aims to be the “Premium” starter to dessert solution provider to key European players in QSR, with complementary activity in Foodservice, B2B and Retail.

The facilities include:

Orléans, France - Beef Patties

Hénin, France - Further Processed Chicken, Pork & Vegetables

Marquise, France - Further Processed Chicken, Pork and Beef, Cooked

Peterborough, England – Donuts

Huntingdon, England - Further Processed Vegetables, Cheese and Pies, Coated

Schagen, Netherlands - Spring rolls, Vegetable, Cheese

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