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Our agricultural heritage stretches back to 1943 and defines our dedication to providing the highest standards of animal husbandry, welfare and bio-security which ensures that our poultry is of the highest standard from day one. We are the UK's largest producer of organic and free range chicken.

A pioneer of breeding and farming standards in the development of higher welfare chicken, our agriculture focus helps ensure a strong and sustainable supply of fresh, high quality and locally farmed poultry. We have developed award winning training and development programmes across our agricultural business, encouraging a wide range of people to develop a successful career in farming.

Livestock System

We are the only UK & European poultry company with a totally integrated livestock system encompassing 3 generations of livestock - grandparents and parents (used for breeding) and broilers (used for meat production).

We are also an approved supplier of Aviagen (previously Ross Breeder) breeding stock, the global market leader in poultry genetics and pedigree lines for the production of commercial broilers.

Disease control and bio-security are a vital part of our livestock production. Our poultry farms boast some of the highest control measures to be found throughout Europe.

Responsible Farming

Working with 700 poultry farmers in the UK, local farming remains at our heart. We provide our farmers with the security they need to invest in sustainable farming methods.

Our Farmers are as passionate about chicken as we are, ensuring the best quality from day one.

We work with 700 poultry farmers in the UK
35 Million
Chickens on the ground at any one time

We have decades of experience helping all of our farmers manage their businesses; from chicken feed to fuel and energy. This way we control the quality of our chicken right from the egg to the supermarket shelf. This means better tasting, more succulent meat and the peace of mind for our consumers that our birds have been treated with absolute care.

We remain committed to pioneering industry leading initiatives such as:

  • Organic and free range birds
  • Enriched environment
  • Windowed housing
  • Provision of activities e.g. perches and bales
  • Feed mills and organic feed
  • Welfare friendly de-loading
  • Tree planting - hedges, fences, trees
  • Setting the standards with higher welfare farm development and investment

We are part of the Food Industry Initiative on Antimicrobials which has the stated vision of ‘Retailers, manufacturers, processors and food service companies coming together to promote and support responsible antimicrobial use and action on antimicrobial resistance. The intention of this initiative is to support and engage with existing industry groups working in this area, ensuring work is aligned, avoiding duplication of effort and it has three key working groups on Responsible Use, Data and Research & Development.

We believe in maintaining close relationships with our farmers and part of our success has come from our commitment to investing in new poultry housing. As a result Moy Park's farming base is best in class. Our farm expansion projects are professionally managed for company farms and we act as an advisor for contracted farmers, dealing with IPPC certification / planning permission, housing and drainage plans. Expansion projects have a particular focus on efficient resource consumption - environmental controls, energy, low energy fans, PV solar panels, wind turbines, rain water harvesting and LED lights. Buildings are planned and constructed with options in mind for future sustainable enhancements.

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