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The foodservice market is very diverse and each sector offers a different proposition to consumers, whether it’s a total dining experience, casual dining, fast food on-the-go or a snack.

Your customers are ever more adventurous and demanding in their tastes, which is why we offer a comprehensive range to meet their needs and enhance your menu.

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The pub trade is still facing many challenges such as the new allergen/dietary regulations, change in consumer habits who are now looking for quality and value at all day parts, significant changes from key legislative developments and increasing price competition from supermarkets, which all make it harder to turn a decent profit.

The pub market is expected to reach a value of £24.3bn by 2018* and a CAGR of 2.7% and with the shift to all day dining, consumers increasingly looking for good value and with changing consumer profiles driving changing food requirements it is important to ensure you understand the diversity and needs of your customers and develop your menu accordingly in order to maximise your profits.

Moy Park Foodservice provides a range of on trend, versatile products that will enable you to build a diverse and attractive menu that meets your customer’s different needs and ensures you maximise every food consumption opportunity in your pub, from a simple snack to an indulgent dinner.

Our range offers diversity to cope with the changing pub market and offers the ultimate convenience as all our products can be cooked to a consistently high quality whatever the skill set of your kitchen.

(Allegra UK Pub Market Report 2015)


The value growth for the UK Restaurant market is accelerating, and is forecast to reach a rate of 3.0% in 2018* However with the shift towards casual dining still prevalent in the restaurant market, traditional restaurants are facing competition from all angles including pub restaurants which offer quality food in a relaxed environment and supermarkets which offer out of home dining experiences in home with their range of luxury ready meals.

In order to compete restaurateurs need to meet the demands of an ever changing consumer, who now have more varied tastes as they are becoming more world travelled. As a result menus need to be varied, meal times flexible and the food has to be of high quality. It is important for restaurateurs to understand the varying needs of their customers and create a menu and dining experience that reflects this.

With chicken being the No.1 casual restaurant dish, Moy Park Foodservice is the perfect partner to provide you with a range of products to spice up your menu and meet consumer demands. Our range will help you produce dishes that can be served throughout the day as light snacks or main meals. Our products also offer ultimate convenience as you will get consistently high results your customer’s love, whatever the skill set of your kitchen.

(Allegra Restaurant Report 2015)

Fast Food

The UK quick service restaurant and take-away sector is expected to grow by 4% by the end of 2015*. In a highly competitive market where purchases are impulsive rather than planned, quick service restaurants need to offer customers a choice of food from the functional to indulgent, from big fill to more healthy options in order to attract new customers and to capitalise in the growth potential of this sector.

Current trends see consumers looking for healthier choices, even in fast food, but not at the expense of flavour. They also want really tasty and even spicy menu ideas to meet their adventurous tastes and Moy Park Foodservice can help you take advantage of these trends.

Moy Park Foodservice offers an exciting and highly appropriate range of tasty chicken and vegetable products, as well as desserts, which will help you offer menu choices which are new and different in order to retain the interest of your regular customers as well as attracting new consumers.

All products within the range are very easy to cook and produce consistently high quality end results, whatever the skill set of your kitchen.

(Allegra Restaurant Report 2015)


Whether a 5* hotel, contract caterer or sandwich bar, Moy Park Foodservice provides a range of products that can help service your customers’ ever increasing demands.

There are three main consumer drivers that need to be considered by caterers:

  • Convenience - the trend for casual eating and the move away from formal dining occasions is set to increase.
  • As consumers become more interested in healthy living, the demand for caterers to supply a diverse yet nutritional menu is set to increase.
  • Enjoyment – particularly important in the profit sector, consumers expect enjoyment when eating out-of-home. Caterers can help meet this demand by providing customers with added value through a wide variety of food at consistently high quality.

With the catering market forecast to grow to £4,101M by 2019 * let Moy Park Foodservice help you capitalise and increase profits by providing products that not only give your customers nutritional, diverse menu options but provide you and your kitchen staff with absolute convenience.

(Mintel Catering UK 2014)

For more information on what Moy Park Foodservice can do for your business please contact us:

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