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Moy Park Learning & Development Programmes

As part of our strategy to “Be the Best” and aligned with our mission to provide the opportunity of a better future for all our team members, we offer a number of development programmes both introducing new talent to our business and to develop the potential of our current employees.

Moy Park has adopted the 70:20:10 best practice approach to development planning. We believe this is the most effective way to think about and structure personal development. The 70:20:10 learning model is based on the concept that new knowledge is obtained through 70% experiential learning, 20% social learning and 10% formal training.

70% Experiential Learning

  • Learning from experience
  • Action learning & problem solving
  • Placements, internships
  • Shadowing and self-directed learning
  • Projects and assignments

20% Social Learning

  • Learning momentum
  • Subject matter networks
  • Collaboration platforms
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Feedback

10% Formal Learning

  • Structured learning
  • Accredited qualifications
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • eLearning

This is reflected in team members Development Plans and Individual Performance Reviews.


Moy Park Academies are about driving excellence in different functions that support the business. Each Academy is based around a set of competencies that are required for peak performance across all roles which are linked to assessment and career development planning. There is a core structure and process to each Academy so a consistent development experience can be achieved.

Commercial Academy

Commercial Academy

The Commercial Academy is a great opportunity for colleagues from the Commercial function to be assessed and to participate in development activities directly relevant to their job role. This is a long-term learning and development programme, designed to improve the knowledge, skills and provide support to Commercial colleagues to achieve career ambitions.

Technical Academy

Technical Academy

This academy is completely bespoke to Moy Park. Its aim is to provide practical support to improve both technical skills and broader knowledge. This academy is inclusive of everyone in the Technical team at all roles and all levels. It is easy to engage with and you can access it wherever you are working. It is based around the 70:20:10 principle along with face to face learning, blended learning, on the job, online and workshops.

Finance Academy

Finance Academy

The finance team supports our business across our vertically integrated supply chain, from breeder operations, to commercial activities, complemented by a team supporting corporate compliance and reporting, through to our shared services teams. Built around 6 core competencies, the Finance Academy identifies development opportunities, helping to support career ambitions and succession planning.

Agriculture Academy

Agriculture Academy

Built around 7 core competencies, the Agriculture Academy equips our teams with the knowledge and skills to drive our business forwards in the areas of agriculture and animal husbandry, whilst offering development opportunities and career progression.

HR Academy

HR Academy

Our HR teams play a significant role influencing business success, and are crucial to enabling the development of our teams and individuals. Built around 8 core competencies, the HR Academy supports our HR teams with their own development through personal learning journeys to suit their individual needs.

Operational Excellence Academy

Operational Excellence Academy

Our Operational Excellence teams strive to live our values every day and raise the bar in the delivery of operational excellence, whilst engaging with others to identify development needs and capabilities driving a common approach and passion to offer the best service for all stakeholders. With the creation of 7 core competencies, this is a long term development programme, designed to improve knowledge, skills and provide support to help us excel in our roles and support us in our career aspirations.

IT Academy

IT Academy

The IT Academy is a great opportunity for colleagues from the IT Function to be assessed and to participate in development activities directly relevant to their job role. This is a long-term learning and development programme, designed to improve the knowledge, skills and provide support to IT colleagues to achieve career ambitions. Built around 8 core competency areas, it aims to encompass the most important skills, knowledge and experience to be a best in class IT team.

Aspiring Team Leader Programme

In order to ensure a pipeline of talent and help succession into key team leader roles across all our functions, the Aspiring Team Leader programme is a structured training programme which leads to making individuals job ready for becoming a team leader. Aligned to our values and vision, the programme delivers a level of support that utilises a blend of engaging and challenging learning methodologies focused on application of new skills, knowledge and behaviours back in the workplace. The programme uses facilitation, group discussion and skills practice to ensure new skills and behaviours learnt have been applied and are fully embedded in the workplace and can be built on following the programme.

Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline is a leadership model for selecting and growing leaders at all levels within an organisation. The Leadership Pipeline Institute (LPI) specialises in helping to build an internal pipeline of qualified leaders, creating empowered, performance-focused organisations. We have introduced the LPI at both the ‘Leading Others’ and ‘Leading Leaders’ levels.

Fully customised to our values and focussing on how leaders live these day-by-day. The LPI programme is facilitated in a highly engaging way, delivering great results as it is built around the best practice 70:20:10 principle. The programme covers modules around different leadership styles and benefits of coaching, people and team management models, effective communication, time management tools and problem solving and decision-making techniques.


The Accelerate Future Leaders programme supports the development of our future senior leaders in the business focussing on personal effectiveness, influencing and commercial awareness to lead our teams to “Be the Best”. The programme has a very strong link to leading through our company values and leading with our conditions of H&S, animal welfare and food safety. Also included are projects, linked to the finance module, where delegates will have the opportunity to drive business improvements. The programme is supported by set reading material, as well as a range of resources directly linked to module content.

Mentoring and Coaching

Moy Park is committed to creating the opportunity of a better future for our team members and our Mentoring Programme is one of the many ways we support this. Moy Park offers training for Mentors every quarter to equip our existing mentors and new mentors with additional skills that can be put into practice with their mentees and teams.

All Mentors prepare a detailed profile explaining their areas of expertise and where they can add value to someone’s development. The Mentor shares their own experiences or uses coaching skills to help the Mentee to develop or grow in an agreed area through a structured, confidential one-to-one relationship.

We also work in partnership with a number of external certified coaches, who support managers on their development journey to high performance.

You Make the Difference Values Workshops

Our vision is to become the best and most respected company in our industry, creating the opportunity of a better future for our team members. This requires all of us to challenge not only what we do, but importantly how we go about doing things on a day to day basis. Creating a culture in which everyone at Moy Park makes a difference is something that we can only do together. Together we Make a Difference through living and demonstrating our 7 Values. All Moy Park Employees participate in a You Make the Difference Values Workshop.

Moy Park Online Academy

The Moy Park Online Academy is an e-learning platform which makes the development and delivery of employee training programmes simple and constructive, geared towards the development needs of our team members.

There is a full catalogue of training programmes ranging from Leadership and Management, Personal Development, Policy and Compliance, Finance, Health and Well-being and IT. We use this e-learning platform to support our Academies and other programmes.

The Art of Brilliance

We work with the Art of Brilliance which specialise in training and development tools to make you a more positive, motivated and brilliant person, making you feel like your best self. The aim is to challenge current habits and ways of thinking, to re-energise and enthuse our people for the challenges that lie ahead.

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