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Our portfolio of operations also includes several feed mills, including Moy Park Feedmill Randalstown which enables us to supply our farmers with high quality feed ingredients, resulting in improved feed efficiency and animal performance.

The company's range of feeds have been extensively tested and developed within the Research and Development department, incorporating superior on-farm technical advice and controlled and strategic use of locally proven innovative feed technologies.

All poultry diets are produced to the highest standards of quality and hygiene as required by major retailers. Feed is produced at our state-of-the-art plant, Moy Park Feedmill Randalstown.

Quality Assurance at Moy Park Feedmill Randalstown

Moy Park Feedmill Randalstown is recognised as a leading manufacturer of high quality ruminant and poultry feed, implementing quality systems to ensure they are safe and nutritious for the animal.

UFAS Fully Approved status against the requirements of Code of Practice for the Manufacture of Safe Compound Animal feedstuffs and approved by DEARA for the manufacture of zootechnical/medicated feeding stuffs.

An HACCP Quality System is implemented for each stage of the production process.

All raw material suppliers and hauliers comply with the appropriate Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC) code of practice.

UFAS: covers the production, merchandising and haulage of compound feeds and feed materials to farms. It embraces all applicable national and EU legislation.

TASCC: addresses the handling of grains, pulses and animal feed materials in the supply chain beyond the farm gate, whether the destination is storage, feed, food, seeds or other uses.

FEMAS: covers the supply of feed materials from the vast array of supply sources to their point of use.

Chemical and Microbiological analysis is carried out by fully accredited laboratories.

Fully approved UFAS status assures the traceability of ingredients from production through to delivery of finished feed to ensure that food safety and the nutritional needs of individual flocks are satisfied.

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