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18 Nov 2019

With more people reducing the amount of red meat they consume, for a variety of reasons, from healthy living to environmental factors, the trend for a more red meat-free diet has truly struck a chord with consumers. With this in mind, Moy Park Foodservice has launched ‘Fancy Something Different’ – a menu featuring its range of quality chicken and succulent vegetarian burgers. Perfect for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, ‘Fancy Something Different’ aims to help fast food outlets optimise this growing trend and build their client base, adding incremental sales to their business!

Moy Park Foodservice’s range offers six appetising options: Hot ‘n’ Spicy Chickwich™ Burger; Spicy Bean Burger; Wholemeal Chicken Burger, Spiced Vegetable Burger Supreme, Classic Chickwich™ Burger and Falafel Burger. Everything can be cooked from frozen within a few minutes, ensuring quick service, whilst offering consumers a great tasting variation of good quality products. High visibility point-of-sale is available via Moy Park Foodservice’s Menu Makers feature at allowing retailers to maximise their new offering and market to the masses, attracting new customers along the way.

Mehmut Hasan, owns Leatherhead Grill in Leatherhead, Surrey and recently trialled Moy Park Foodservice’s ‘Fancy Something Different’ initiative, introducing the above non-red meat burgers to his menu with fantastic results! Mehmut says: "I really liked the concept as it is always good to have something new to offer my customers. The menu worked well because it gave more choice and was supported with eye-catching POS, which created a great deal of interest. The Falafel Burger was the best-seller during the trial, but we also received great feedback on the Hot 'n' Spicy Chickwich™ Burger. Due to its success, we will be keeping the ‘Fancy Something Different’ menu!”

Competing against a number of coffee shops and pubs in the area, Mehmet believes that offering customers a wider choice is the perfect way to encourage new custom and please regulars with mouthwatering new additions at the same time!

Mehmet shares his top tips to other fast food outlets wanting a slice of the non-red meat market:
• Offer a variety of products that are both interesting and appealing to ensure that your customers feel they are being offered plenty of choice
• Make sure you select easy-to-prepare products such as those from Moy Park Foodservice, ensuring you still offer a speedy service
• Promote your new menu options to your customers and grab their attention using eye-catching POS

For more information on Moy Park Foodservice’s ‘Fancy Something Different’ menu, fast food outlets can register at or call Prime Line on 01480 445900. FREE eye-catching ‘Fancy Something Different’ POS and menu solutions are available online via Moy Park’s Menu Makers feature – taking the hard work out of creating menus.

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