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18 Nov 2019

Moy Park Foodservice is helping pubs and bars drive incremental food business with the launch of an innovative marketing concept that will encourage customers to order a side dish on impulse.

The company’s “Fancy a bit on the side?” theme will help outlets highlight the range of side dishes to consumers – driving spur-of-the-moment sales and profitability for licensed outlets.

Moy Park Foodservice is helping outlets communicate the strategy through a range of free point-of-sale materials communicating the “bit on the side?” message through its website:

The material, which includes a menu, highlights the range of side dishes available from Moy Park Foodservice including such favourites as Battered Natural Onion Rings, Cajun Mushroom Boats, Bubble and Squeak, Crunchy Chicken Pops and Wasabi Mixed Vegetables.

Jayne Hall, Marketing Manager at Moy Park Foodservice, said: “This innovative concept will help licensed outlets develop their food business by ensuring customers are aware of the full range of side dishes on offer. They will be prompted to sample them because of the strong message delivered in and around the outlet by point-of-sale material.

“It will encourage diners to add a side dish and will also remind people who were not planning to eat what starter meals are available at a relatively low cost. This underlines that our range of side dishes taste delicious and are easy to prepare and serve – so they are perfect for busy outlets that want to establish a good reputation for their food offering.”
The concept has already proved successful at the award-winning pub, The Bull at Barkham, one of the first to trial it.
Susie Brunswick, who runs the pub in Wokingham, Berkshire, with her husband, said the menu had proved successful not only as side orders but also as individual light bites and as part of sharing platters: “The menu definitely offers something different and a lot of our customers were interested in the concept. The menu was clear and easy to understand and all of the products were good quality and very easy to cook and present.

“Having the POS around the pub definitely helped increase sales, as customers would notice the flyers and menus and want to know more. Everyone who tried the products liked them and we have only had positive feedback. One regular liked the Cracked Black Pepper and Sea Salt Potato Skins so much he went back and recommended them to his entire staff!

“The Battered Natural Onion Rings sold well as a side to steaks, and other products such as the Crunchy Chicken Pops were perfect for customers who came in at lunch for a bar snack. The Cajun Mushroom Boats, Red Pepper and Jalapeno Goujons and Wasabi Mixed Vegetables were the most popular dishes, and we could use these on sharing platters as well, which customers really liked.”

Susie says licensed outlets looking to boost profits from side orders should:
Ensure staff up-sell the menu to customers so that they are aware there is something new and exciting to try and to maximise the profit opportunity.

Use eye-catching POS to attract customers’ attention and promote the menu.

Make sure the products suit the customer base and can be easily and readily prepared to a consistent high quality.
Jayne Hall of Moy Park Foodservice added: “The success at The Bull at Barkham proves that this innovative idea really does work and offers real benefits for outlets and their customers. We are hopeful that more licensees will realise the sales potential of the ‘Fancy a bit on the side?’ concept and use it to build their business.”

For more information on Moy Park Foodservice products and free POS publicans should register at or call Prime Line on 01480 445900.

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