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Waste plan hatches savings for Moy Park

31 Dec 2000
Waste plan hatches savings for Moy Park

To mark World Environment Day 2011, which is celebrated across the globe on the 5th June, poultry company Moy Park has reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill from 80% to just 10% in 12 months, thanks to a new partnership with waste management specialist Biffa. Six of Moy Park's 15 manufacturing, milling and hatchery sites across the UK have already achieved the ultimate goal of sending zero waste to landfill with more sites set to follow. Commenting on the project Moy Park group environmental management advisor Colin Wilkinson said: "Sending zero waste to landfill is a top priority for our business, it helps us to fulfil our environmental ambitions, and it's important to our customers. We are committed to working with Biffa to achieve 96% recycling across the group in the second quarter of 2011, with the aim of achieving the ambitious 'zero waste' status by the end of the year." Biffa Integrated Waste Management general manager Edward Pigg said: "This project has been made possible by Moy Park's dedication and commitment to reducing waste. Without their enthusiasm there is no way we could have six sites to 0% waste to landfill in just a year. It shows the massive recycling potential for food manufacturers. Edward Pigg added: "Moy Park's waste is being segregated by material, its value is being maximised, and where things cannot be effectively recycled it is being used to generate energy from waste." Biffa is providing Moy Park with a complete 'Integrated Waste Management' package. This includes Biffa staff working from Moy Park's sites and the appointment of 'waste champions' to each site to find new opportunities for further recycling.

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