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Travel to Tanzania for Farm Africa charity

31 Dec 2000
Travel to Tanzania for Farm Africa charity

Rachel Griffiths, a Director of Business at leading food company Moy Park, is travelling to Tanzania to support Farm Africa, a charity working to end hunger in eastern Africa, as part of its ‘Big Beehive Build’ team. Rachel will travel to Tanzania along with eight other senior women business leaders from the UK food industry. They will spend 3 days constructing 90 beehives which will be used to kick-start profitable and sustainable honey farming businesses. Wishing Rachel luck on her trip, Moy Park Director Mike Mullan said: “I’d like to wish Rachel and the other volunteers success on their trip. The ‘Big Beehive Build’ is one of a number of initiatives that Moy Park is supporting Farm Africa on. It is set to be a challenging trip, but Rachel’s enthusiasm and dedication to this incredibly worthy cause has shone through. As a Platinum sponsor of Farm Africa’s ‘Food for Good’ campaign, we look forward to our continued work with this terrific charity.”

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