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The sky’s the limit for Moy Park Grantham staff

25 Aug 2016
The sky’s the limit for Moy Park Grantham staff

An adventurous group of employees from Moy Park’s Grantham site have gone to great heights to raise awareness for the company’s charity partner, Farm Africa.

The leading UK food company announced its partnership with Farm Africa in 2015 and aims to raise an ambitious £100,000 for the charity over a three year period. The charity is committed to tackling the global challenge of hunger and supporting farmers in eastern Africa so they can increase harvests, become self-sufficient, start businesses and feed their families for the long term.

12 Moy Park team members took to the air for the sponsored sky dive at Langar Airfield, Nottinghamshire. Moy Park Grantham employees have been taking part in a variety of fundraising activities including cake sales, car boot sales, car washing, tuck shop sales and raffles. The team worked to raise funds to cover the cost of the skydive as well as raising £2000 currently for Farm Africa.

Alison Shaw, Moy Park HR Officer and sky dive coordinator, commented:

“The sky dive was born from trying to find an exhilarating challenge that lots of people could be involved in whilst raising money for an incredibly worthy cause.

Many of the team set aside their fear of heights while others went outside their comfort zone, most loved the experience! Others were glad they have done it but will pass next time! There was a lot of preparation involved and the anticipation was intense, but it was extremely worthwhile knowing money raised was going to Farm Africa. The team were joined by family and friends to share their experience which made it an even more special and a day to remember.”

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