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People, projects and prospects - what to expect from an apprenticeship at Moy Park!

16 Aug 2022
People, projects and prospects - what to expect from an apprenticeship at Moy Park!

People, projects and prospects - what to expect from an apprenticeship at Moy Park!

Applications are now open for Moy Park’s Operations apprenticeship, find out more and apply here.-

With exam results out, we caught up with Northern Ireland’s largest employer – top 15 food company Moy Park – to find out more about the company’s most popular jobs and its in-demand apprenticeship programmes, perfect for those who want to ‘earn while they learn’.

Sarah Mc Cabe, an operations graduate based at Moy Park’s Dungannon facility, gives us the inside track on a career in the food sector and getting started.

First things first, what is operations?

Over the course of a year, Sarah Mc Cabe, has travelled around Moy Park’s Ballymena, Dungannon and Craigavon sites, gaining hands on experience in her role as operations graduate.

“At the time I was applying for jobs, I saw the title of Operations and didn’t really know what it was to be honest, I guess that’s what sparked my interest in the first place, the desire to see what operations actually was. One year on and it’s been the best decision I’ve made.”

Working in operations, Sarah is responsible for running the production lines within the Dungannon factory, overseeing stock control, managing projects and running daily reports to make sure everything is set up for the next shift.

“Operations in a nutshell is ensuring all products are passed through the production line effectively and are ready for supermarket shelves,” explains Sarah. “It’s all about planning, working alongside other departments within the business and most importantly making certain there is enough stock available.”

Checks, Collaboration and Chicken!

Sarah said, “Working in operations gives an exclusive behind the scenes insight at Moy Park, no two days are ever the same!”

“Operations is all about being reactive, there are so many variables to consider before food even makes it to the production line. You become the ultimate project manager! My role includes daily maintenance testing, stock level checks, transportation and dispatch updates - it’s all about acting fast and getting stuck in” explains Sarah.

“It can be quite a demanding role especially during the holidays with extra orders, however for my own progression I loved the challenge! During Christmas I was responsible for a wider team and managed up to 6 production lines at a time which for me was a massive achievement and definitely one of my career highlights.”

Getting into the apprenticeship game

One of the best ways to get on the career ladder and join operations in the food industry is through an apprenticeship says Sarah. “An operations apprenticeship programme is a great gateway to a gain a qualification in an in-demand field. Operations stretches across each department within Moy Park and is key to producing quality products for consumers. With the graduate programme I can help apprentices through hands on training and show them how each part of the business works, giving them a vast head start in their career.”

Moy Park’s apprenticeship scheme provides young people with the opportunity to learn while they earn, on-the-job training, guided mentorship, and safeguarded support. As Sarah gears up for the next three years of her programme, her advice for anyone considering an apprenticeship is to grab the opportunity and work hard.

“Don’t be afraid of trying something new and be prepared for something different every day. The most enjoyable part of working at Moy Park is the people, we work in such a close supportive environment , I’m excited for the next three years and look forward to growing my career further!”

To find out more about the current apprenticeship roles available at Moy Park, visit

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