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Moy Park Reaches Zero Waste to Landfill Target

31 Dec 2000
Moy Park Reaches Zero Waste to Landfill Target

To celebrate World Environment Day on 5th June, Moy Park announced it has reached the ambitious goal of sending zero waste to landfill across all 14 of its manufacturing sites and its agricultural base throughout the UK and Europe.

Commenting on the milestone, Moy Park HR Director Europe, Mike Mullan said,

“In just four years Moy Park has reduced the amount of waste we send to landfill from 80% to 0%. This is an outstanding achievement for the company and further demonstrates our commitment to sustainable best practise. In reality many companies find it difficult to reach zero status, so this is genuinely exceptional. We are really proud of the team for their hard work, which has helped to position Moy Park as a leader in sustainability.

“As a business we are focused on reducing our environmental footprint and we look forward to building on this achievement by implementing and investing in green initiatives.”

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