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Major Investment in Biomass Technology

17 Nov 2014
Major Investment in Biomass Technology

Moy Park has announced a key milestone in its progress towards lowering its environmental footprint with a major investment in biomass technology and biomass fuel supply in England. The company has secured major partnership investments in biomass technology and long term biomass fuel supply in England to improve sustainable fuel efficiency.

The committed investment will be delivered through renewable energy specialists Land Energy and Cofely and fund manager SDCL backed by the UK Green Investment Bank, which will see 86 biomass boilers being installed at the company’s farm base in England by the end of 2015.

Alan Gibson, UK and Ireland Director said “As a renewable energy source, biomass not only ensures our farms are more sustainable, but also delivers additional welfare benefits for the birds, through enhanced environmental conditions on farm. Biomass also improves fuel efficiency which contributes to overall sustainability.

“As a responsible business, sustainable production is central to our long-term strategy and our ambitions to grow the company through delivering higher welfare fresh locally farmed poultry for our customers and consumers.”

This announcement adds to the significant on-going investment in biomass by Moy Park suppliers. In recent months 68 biomass boilers have been installed by farm owners on Moy Park’s managed farms in GB with more planned for the rest of the year and in Northern Ireland 280 poultry houses will have biomass heating systems installed by our growers by the first quarter of 2015, with 105 currently in place.

Moy Park, which is widely recognised for leading the way in sustainable best practise, said the biomass projects will replace LPG fuel with wood pellets sustainably sourced and in total, will reduce Moy Park’s emissions by 18,500 tonnes of CO2e per annum.

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