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Leading Agri Performance

06 Jul 2022
Leading Agri Performance

Our Agricultural Teams, through their combined efforts, have attained a new record in flock performance, achieving a European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF) of 468 at Gulham Farm in Lincolnshire.

Over the years we have continuously improved key performance indicators such as feed conversion ratio (FCR), growth rate and EPEF. EPEF is an equation based on average daily weight gain, mortality and feed conversion, and allows farmers to generate a standard measure of farm performance and an EPEF 468 is an excellent result, and a new GB record in the Moy Park chain.

Therefore, the combined effort across all elements of the supply chain from egg, chick, milling, feed, animal health, contractors, management, data and stockmanship, supported by an enormous contribution of passion, is to be commended.

A huge congratulations to everyone across all the teams, this is another example of where You Make The Difference.

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