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Corporate Social Responsibility at Moy Park

31 Dec 2000
Corporate Social Responsibility at Moy Park

Northern Ireland's largest food processing company, Moy Park has launched its Corporate Social Responsibility Report charting its success to date and future plans across all 13 sites in relation to management & governance, product, social and environmental responsibility. Corporate Social Responsibility has always been at the heart of Moy Park and its mission to become a sustainable 'Premier Provider'. Since 1943, Moy Park, who process more than 223 million chickens, 1.3 million turkeys and 132 thousand tonnes of poultry products per annum, has worked closely with its customers, suppliers, government bodies and local communities in order to make a positive contribution. Nigel Dunlop, Moy Park Managing Director commented, "As part of our mission to be a world class organisation the business must develop in a sustainable way. We have implemented policies and made commitments, ranging from sustainable sourcing and waste reduction, to efficient water usage, ethics and diversity. We have 13 main production sites, employing over 10,500 people across the UK and Europe and it is important to communicate these good working practices to people inside the business as well as external stakeholders to set a good example and show that we are following through on these commitments with action." "We remain committed to investing and improving in all aspects of corporate and social responsibility. I believe everyone in Moy Park can be proud of what has been achieved so far. We look forward to building on our achievements to solidify Moy Park's reputation as a responsible business and balance social conscience with successful growth." In 2011 Moy Park plans to focus on its continued CSR commitment, developing the existing culture of continuous improvement in product, social and environmental responsibility.

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