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Anwick are Community Champions

23 Nov 2022
Anwick are Community Champions

Our Anwick team were crowned winners at the North Kesteven District Council Community Champion Awards for their positive contribution to Climate Action.

By taking a conscious, business-wide approach to positively addressing climate action in every way it can, Moy Park is strengthening its position as a considerate neighbour at both a community and a global level, which is reflected in Anwick’s success.

The team were able to demonstrate a wide range of initiatives that illustrate how they are winners including:

  • moved all HGVs from diesel to bio-liquid natural gas sourced through anaerobic digestion
  • swapped out 80% of our 250 diesel fleet cars for electric
  • generating 68,000kg of CO2 savings through onsite EV charging over a year.

Congratulations and well done for driving forward on the road to net zero.


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