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An ‘A’ for Apprenticeships at Moy Park

11 Feb 2022
An ‘A’ for Apprenticeships at Moy Park

“Friendships, possibilities and variety,” that’s how Zane Wojtowicz, a health, safety and environmental Apprentice describes her career journey at Moy Park.

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with some of our team members to find out more about their roles and studies, and to get a firsthand account of the benefits of an apprenticeship.

If you would like to find out more about our apprenticeship programmes, check out our website.

Megan Afford, Food Safety & Quality Manager

Level 6 Food Industry Professional Integrated Degree Apprenticeship

Megan was recently named 'Young Processor of the Year' at the National Egg and Poultry Awards.

“No two days are ever the same as a food safety and quality manager, I could be taking care of traceability exercises to carrying out customer visits.

I started at Moy Park in 2017 as an apprentice, I worked in the central specifications team, then moved into the factory to understand different roles and areas, before moving into the technical department, supporting with the day-to-day quality assurance tasks. I also got the opportunity to travel to France and spend time in a Moy Park sister site.

It’s been a whirlwind adventure and what really excites me about working in the industry is the new technologies and advancements in processes, as well as new female talent entering the poultry industry.”

Ashley Beckett

Moy Park Engineering Apprentice

“I was surprised at how in depth and comprehensive apprenticeships programmes are! My favourite part is that every day I am learning something new. I would highly recommend going an into an apprenticeship - they motivate you to keep moving forward and to develop your skills. Moy Park is ever changing and investing for the future, working with them gives me the opportunity to learn more about a wider range of machines and equipment.”

Sigita Lipskiene, Commercial Executive

Level 6 Food Industry Professional Integrated Degree Apprenticeship

“As a commercial executive, I support the Business Development Manager to examine potential growth within the UK branded restaurant market as well as fast food and casual dining. The apprenticeship has been a great boost to my commercial administration, internal and external forecasting, and customer interaction skills development.

I actually started to work in Moy Park as a line operative eight years ago, building up my knowledge gradually by learning new skills such as label operative, and an oven and metal process controller. I think learning how food is actually manufactured is a great basis for my current role.

The most fascinating element of my job is that every day is different, it involves travelling and combines all my knowledge and skills that I gained in previous roles. I’m very excited about the opportunity to work with my team as everyone is focussed on the same goal and are very supportive.

It’s great working in a company that supports your development, providing training and support in the in your career and that helps to grow professionally.”

Edyta Zacharska

Operational Excellence Facilitator

Level 3 Team Leader Apprenticeship Programme

Edyta recently won the ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ at The National Apprenticeship Awards

On a daily basis I work with people – which is the best part of my job. I have the opportunity to work with people on so many different levels, with so many different experiences and a broad knowledge from around the business, which gives me a great opportunity to learn from the best.

I have worked for Moy Park since 2011 and my first job was as a Line Operator. Throughout the years, I have held various positions such as Process Controller, Line Controller, Ingredients’ Intake Process Controller and Training Instructor. The step change in my career within Moy Park was when I left the operations team back in 2018 and started my professional journey within the Continuous Improvement team as the Administrator within the Anwick facility. Today I’m an Operational Excellence Facilitator for whole Anwick Complex, including the Hatchery and associated farms. Taking part in the apprenticeship programme was a key element of this my professional development and opened so many possibilities for me.”

Matthew Lewis

Multi-skilled Engineering Apprentice

“The engineering apprenticeship programme at Moy Park is incredibly tailored. It has been great from the start, and I truly feel invested in by such a big company.

My favourite part about my apprenticeship with Moy Park, is how well blended it is! I get hands on experience in the factory as well as getting to learn new skills and techniques in college. I would advise anyone to go for it regarding an apprenticeship, it’s a great way to learn and grow whilst also working and gaining hands-on experience.”

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