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Rainbow Stars

Moy Park has awarded £25,000 to Sleaford charity ‘Rainbow Stars’, just one of the recipients to benefit from the £1 million fund Moy Park established in 2020 to support community groups local to its operations across Europe.

Rainbow Stars is a Sleaford, Lincolnshire based support group for parents, guardians and siblings with children who have autism and additional needs. The funding will go towards a sensory room which will create a safe space for members and the elderly community. This will help provide physical and mental stimulus for those with autism and dementia and will also help people with physical disabilities.

Jonathan Oldfield, Head of Complex at Moy Park Anwick said, “From community allotments and outdoor play areas to culinary workshops and volunteer training, we were blown away by the creative and caring projects aimed at supporting those in our local communities.

“Our commitment to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate has always been at the heart of our business. We draw most of our employees from the areas surrounding our facilities and we see our neighbours as important partners. We are delighted to support local groups alike Rainbow Stars and look forward to receiving more applications throughout the coming year.”

Applications to apply for a grant from the Moy Park Community Support Fund can be made via Moy Park’s website

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As soon as I heard our funding application was successful, I ran through the house crying! It is unbelievable and so needed for our Rainbow family and community. The sensory room will provide so much joy, learning and benefits for disabled children to interact, feel calm and be safe.

With our charity, we work hard as volunteers to raise funds ourselves and organise events for the community, but the help from businesses like Moy Park has blown us away. This donation is the biggest and most exciting we have ever received! We were so sad that Covid stopped our fundraising for this huge project and are overwhelmed by the generosity - we can’t wait to share the news with our members.

Jane Peck, founder of Rainbow Stars

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