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LIVES (Grantham)

One group to benefit from the Moy Park Community Support Fund in England is emergency response charity, LIVES in Grantham. The group has been granted £12,850 towards a defibrillator replacement programme. A LIVES responder carries their own defibrillator, so that they are ready for any 999 medical emergency they are called to, and when minutes matter in a cardiac arrest, the LIVES responder and their defibrillators really do make a difference.

LIVES Grantham
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We are thrilled to have been awarded support from the Moy Park Community Support Fund. The defibrillator replacement programme is a costly task, but the benefits will be extensive. The new defibrillators will allow the data recorded to be uploaded to the patient's records and will allow the hospitals to make a more informed decision on patient care. The new equipment will also allow us to evaluate our CPR activity and drive future training. This project will fund 10 defibrillators in the Grantham area and we are extremely excited to be working with Moy Park on this project.

Zoe Dean, Community Partnerships Manager

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