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 Lissan Cross Community Playgroup (Dungannon)

One group to benefit from the Moy Park Community Support Fund in Northern Ireland is Lissan Cross Community Playgroup in Dungannon.

The £2,400 grant from Moy Park will be used to build an outdoor wooden classroom, which will provide additional shelter for the children and somewhere to provide further learning opportunities in a safer environment.

Trea Mc Kee Lissan Cross Community
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We are delighted to have been selected for an award from the Moy Park Community Support Fund. We currently have a great outdoor space which with the current circumstances we are trying to utilise more. Our plan to use the award to fund the purchase of an outdoor wooden classroom, which will enable us to provide more learning opportunities outdoors in all weather conditions. This is a massive benefit for Lissan Cross Community Playgroup as without this award we would have been unable to make this improvement to our facility.

Sharon O’Neill, Treasurer

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