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Chrysalis Women’s Centre (Craigavon)

One group to benefit from the Moy Park Community Support Fund in Northern Ireland is the Chrysalis Women’s Centre in Craigavon.

Chrysalis Women's Centre provides opportunities for women and children to develop the necessary skills, self-esteem and confidence to participate more fully as individuals in family, community and society. They provide an education and training programme that runs throughout the year and is designed to support women to develop the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to access further training and employment opportunities.

The £7,500 grant from Moy Park will be used to expand the centre’s services and provide a new garden area.

Catherine Hamill Chrysalis Centre
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We are overwhelmed by the generosity of Moy Park and could never have imagined that we would have enough money to develop a new outdoor children's play area. This will provide much needed space for children to grow and learn in a safe and secure environment. The development of a larger garden will mean more exposure to bright light which enhances health and mental performance, reduces stress levels, better moods and improves concentration. With many parents not having access to outside space, this will prove invaluable to so many.

Ruth McKeever, Director of Chrysalis Women’s Centre

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