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Brookeville Enterprises, Ballymena

One group to benefit from the Moy Park Community Support Fund in Northern Ireland is Brookeville Enterprises in Ballymena. The social enterprise runs the community allotments in Ballymena and supports other local community and club groups with home-grown produce.

Brookville Enterprises Ballymena
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Ballymena is a place with an immense sense of community and goodwill, and we are thrilled to receive funding from Moy Park. With their help and through other fundraising activity, we are one step closer to becoming a self-sustaining enterprise – growing and selling produce from the community allotments to help others. We also plan to open a community kitchen space, creating meals from what we grow on-site. We support many other local groups including senior centres and our expansion means we are also able to grow our assistance to them.

William Millar, Chairman of Brookeville Enterprises

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