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BraveHearts NI

Moy Park has awarded over £450,000 so far to 50 community organisations across the UK for projects aimed at supporting and enriching the lives of those in need.

One of the recipients, Ballymena’s BraveheartsNI, is a local volunteer led charity supporting teenagers and adults living in Northern Ireland with Congenital Heart disease.

Brave Hearts NI CSF
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We are incredibly honoured to have been a recipient of the Moy Park Community Support Fund. Our ‘Bravehearts’ have to fight from the moment they are born, living with a lifelong, life limiting condition. The pandemic has been especially difficult, and many found themselves shielding. The money we received allowed us to provide almost 30 weighted blankets to aid with stress, anxiety and insomnia heightened by the pandemic. Furthermore, we were able to run virtual initiatives through the winter months including book club, cookery, crochet and makeup classes allowing us to connect with one another while learning a new skill. A crochet group that started thanks to the funding are still meeting weekly, and now plan to crochet blankets to donate to the hospital and also the Children’s Hospice, Belfast.

Clare Caulfield

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