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Aghacommon and Derrymacash Community Group

Aghacommon and Derrymacash Community Group has been awarded funding by leading food company Moy Park, for potentially lifesaving projects in the villages. The community group has received a grant of £2,000 towards the purchase of a new community defibrillator for Aghacommon and Derrymacash, a vital device in helping save lives in communities across Northern Ireland.

The funds will also go towards the facilitation of first aid training in the local community. Helping provide skills to local people to aid with and minimise the risk of injury and potential life-threatening conditions.

The club received the grant from the £1 million Community Support Fund Moy Park established in 2020 to support organisations local to its operations across Europe.

Grainne Mackle, Chairperson of Aghacommon and Derrymacash Community Group, said:

"It is fantastic to know that a lot more people in our area are now better trained in first aid and are aware of the presence of the defibrillator and know how to access it. We can’t thank Moy Park enough for providing us with funding for this essential health device in our local area."

Applications to apply for a grant from the Moy Park Community Support Fund can be made via Moy Park’s website:

Aghacommon and Derrymacash Community Group

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