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Time to Share

Time to Share

Roger Clarke, and his partner Diane, have been running The Boot in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, for just over 4 years. Roger describes The Boot as "a traditional English pub which was built in 1610. We try to appeal to everyone in the village by trying out new things all the time." Roger, Diane and their chef, Vinnie Weston, maintain a very traditional English pub menu but always try to come up with new concepts.

We spoke to Roger last year about the challenges he faced and the smoking ban was a big issue, this year it remains his biggest challenge. "About 75% of our business is wet-led and we are still trying to improve our food business to attract a higher spend per customer, which is why I trialled the Time to Share platters from Moy Park Foodservice," explains Roger.

Adding something different to the existing food offer, Roger trialled the platters, featuring products such as Wings of Fire, Carrot and Coriander Goujons and Battered Natural Onion Rings, with success; "All of the Time to Share elements can be served with minimum fuss – ideal for groups of people that just want a snack and so much more interesting than crisps and nuts."

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"The quality of the Moy Park Foodservice products was excellent and the kitchen said each element of the platters was very quick and easy to prepare. The positive customer comments prove that you can feature pre-prepared food without detracting from your normal quality."

Roger's Top Tips for serving sharing platters:

  • Use quick and easy to prepare products
  • Serve your customers some products that are a little out of the ordinary
  • Use good quality products that you can sell at a reasonable price
  • Use eye-catching POS to promote the menu and tempt peckish customers
  • Distribute promotional flyers locally to help drive business

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