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Stack Attack

Stack Attack

Julia Saunders has been head chef at The Old Cock Inn, Droitwich for the last two years, and with 25 years experience under her belt, she knows what customers want to eat! A typical local village pub serving a wide-range of food to its varied customer base, the pub is popular with all ages, from young people on a Friday night, to families and the elder residents of the pretty spa town of Droitwich.

During this economic downturn Julia and her team have been working to get customers through the door to spend their money. With 60% of sales generated through food, Julia has been focused on coming up with new opportunities for the pub's menu. The Stack Attack trial from Moy Park Foodservice came at the perfect time; giving customers a new and exciting menu option, and enabling Julia to discover what customers want.

Julia explains, "Our burger offering prior to the Stack Attack menu consisted of homemade beef burgers and the Moy Park Foodservice Spicy Bean Burgers, which we kept on the menu after another successful Moy Park Foodservice promotion last year - I always used to make my own bean burgers, but I tried their version which tasted as good as home-made and I've served them ever since! The Stack Attack menu seemed like a great way to make even more from our burger offering."

Capitalising on the current trend for stacking burgers, as seen in high-street burger chains, the aim of the Stack Attack trial was to offer an opportunity to increase profits, attract new customers and drive food sales. Customers were given the option of choosing any burger, and then customising it with either one or two additional Stackers, or three Stackers to create The Ultimate Burger. It was a hit with the younger customers in the pub, with burger sales up 20% and at least half of them indulging in one stacker option. TheSpicy Bean Burger again proved popular, alongside a traditional beef burger and the delicious Battered Chickwich™ Steak. Customer feedback was positive, with regulars enjoying the opportunity to customise their burgers with tasty Stacker options, such as Battered Natural Onion Rings and Tempura Mixed Vegetables. It wasn't just the customers who were happy; Julia was also delighted with the ease of preparation and presentation of the Stack Attack menu: "It is very easy, you just follow the very simple instructions and you can’t go wrong."

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"The ease of preparation and presentation of all of the Moy Park Foodservice products on the Stack Attack menu was brilliant. The burgers came out looking really impressive, and it was something new and exciting - diners loved customising their own burgers."

Julia's Top Tips for pubs wanting to maximise food sales:

  • Try something different, e.g. a specific burger menu, a take-away service or lunchtime sandwich orders from local offices
  • Talk to your customers and listen to what people want
  • Be prepared to change the menu to give customers what they want, and not what you want them to have

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