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Packaging Optimisation

Packaging Optimisation

The packaging team have dedicated attention to revising pack formats that contribute to reducing the amount of packaging that the end consumer ultimately disposes of, as well as reducing the amount of packaging coming into the factories. The reductions have been made whilst maintaining or enhancing the packaging performance for product quality and safety.

The changes include:

• removal of sleeve and replacement with printed film
• tray weight reduction
• down gauge tray and film
• increased pallet utilisation
• change tray
• reduction of primary carrier bag gauge
• 26-61% weight change

Weight savings range from 5% to over 60% of packaging and waste throughout the supply chain during 2011 and 2012. A change in Kiev packaging, to increase the packs per case from four to six, has improved case utilisation by 50% and reduced the amount of packaging required, which is a significant benefit in a high volume product line. When these improvements are achieved the learnings are rolled out across other packaging formats and across the factories.

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