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Bar Favourites

Bar Favourites

Gregor Stevenson has been running The Kings Head in Fritwell, Oxfordshire for 7 years. A true local’s pub at the heart of the community, it is the perfect place for the people of the village to socialise over a drink and a bite to eat.

Last year Gregor identified the pressures of the credit crunch and smoking ban as a key reason for food becoming a real focus at The Kings Head. Despite having a menu with almost everything freshly prepared, Gregor was keen to trial the Bar Favourites menu, "The preparation of Moy Park Foodservice's products is so simple, it’s unbelievable! This provided me with an opportunity to maintain a more varied food offer for customers on my day off, which could easily be prepared by the staff and was more than just a sandwich or a ploughman's!" Gregor trialled the menu featuring delicious profit making products such as the Spicy Bean Burger,Brie Wedges, and Battered Natural Onion Rings for two weeks, providing food outside of normal lunch and dinner service. The new menu was a great success, proving quick and easy to prepare whilst delivering outstanding quality results; "Some would be drinkers-only ordered from the Bar Favourites menu where they would have normally had crisps or nuts, making more profit for me!" Also on offer was a fantastic burger meal deal, with the delicious Chickwich Steak Burger, served in a bap with fries or salad and onion rings for just £5.95.

The Bar Favourites menu offers great profit making opportunities, see below for an example profit breakdown for the Spicy Bean Burger:

Profit Potential
• 1 Spicy Bean Burger £0.98
• Soft seeded bun £0.20
• Salad Garnish £0.30

Total Cost: £1.48
Menu Price: £5.95
Profit Potential: £4.47

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"There is a place on every menu for some pre-prepared food. Bar Favourites has enabled me to keep my customers happy with a decent food offer when I am not here. I will definitely be keeping elements of it after the trial is over."

Gregor's Top Tips for serving a bar menu:

  • If it's on the menu, make sure you have it available
  • Tell people what you do and market your offer; use eye catching POS, table talkers or leaflet drops
  • Make it presentable. When food is delivered to a table it passes other potential customers in the pub so make sure it sells itself
  • Ensure food is quick and easy to prepare but also delivers quality results
  • Make your menu unique, with new and fresh ideas

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