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Moy Park Feedmill Randalstown

At Moy Park Feedmill Randalstown we have a clear vision for the future of farming:

To help maximise farm profitability by supplying feed, incorporating superior on farm technical advice, a controlled and strategic use of locally proven innovative feed technologies, coupled with high quality feed ingredients, resulting in improved feed efficiency and animal performance.


Founded nearly a century ago, we have invested heavily to ensure that the mill is one of the largest and most efficient mills in Europe. This enables us to provide a high quality product and service to the farming community at a highly competitive rate.

Europe's Leading Independent Mill

The mill is totally automated and computer controlled. This enables us to fully trace all feed ingredients from entry to and finished products from the mill. This state-of-the-art system allows all stages of the production process to be monitored and recorded ensuring consistent quality product.

The mill is UFAS Accredited and DEARA Approved. The company is known across the world for its pioneering standards in terms of milling technology and quality control.

Moy Park Feedmill Randalstown is dedicated to satisfying the food-safety, quality and value demands of both large multiples and individual farmers. Customers benefit from efficient year-round plant utilisation, and are serviced by a helpful and experienced Technical Sales Team.

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