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What We Do

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Good food is important. Healthy products are a must. Good cooks and conscious consumers are critical and rightly demand high quality.

Albert van Zoonen delivers quality. Our fresh and natural ingredients contribute to healthier and honest products. There is a lot of attention paid to product development: an artisan and efficient approach. Concepts and flavours are tested by the consumers: careful and reliable. Keywords in the philosophy of Albert van Zoonen.

Albert van Zoonen produces a full range of unique, delicious and well-balanced deep frozen products. These are convenience products without compromising on either taste or quality. Our products are produced with efficient processes in a quality assured and certified environment.

Our team carefully develops concepts into finished products. The freezing process is carried out quickly with modern equipment for optimum quality and durability. We are specialists in the development and production of tailored products. Albert van Zoonen offers a nimble, customer-oriented organization and is an ideal partner for cooperation on product development.

Albert van Zoonen is a fast thinking, accurate and responsive company with a European character, full of dynamism, innovation and expertise in the field of frozen specialties. Quality, craftsmanship and care - these are characteristics of Albert van Zoonen through the years.

Private Label - Tailor Made Solutions

Albert van Zoonen offers a dynamic and innovative partnership with all the necessary expertise on research and product development. According the needs of the customer and wishes of the consumer, Albert van Zoonen develops tailor-made specialties.

For more information, please feel free to call or email us.

Avz certificates 2019


Through successful external accreditation from recognized bodies such as the International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC), our customers and consumers are assured that the products they purchase have been produced to the highest quality and food safety standards.

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