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By putting the customer and consumer at the heart of our business, Moy Park is focused on creating nutritious and safe food based on market insight and industry leading innovation. We build on our welfare capabilities and provide our customers with integrity, trust and traceability in food. Our proactive insight, innovation and food development capabilities are ultimately aimed at benefiting our customers.

The growth of the poultry market is due to a number of factors, including the product attributes of chicken as an affordable, versatile and healthy food product, and its sustainability.

Moy Park has provided customers with great quality products, satisfying customer demand for high animal welfare standards, providing consistently punctual delivery service, scale with flexible production planning, new product innovation and technologically advanced facilities.

Our marketing strategies and priorities are underpinned by detailed research and development support including consumer and retailer insight, product tasting and food development – where we have invested in employing dedicated executive chefs to design and develop innovative products.


We engage with the FSA, DEFRA, DARDNI, Home Authority, Local Authorities and FSAI, as well as Safefood in the Republic of Ireland. The Company has an approved HACCP and safety and quality management system in place in all our production units and we are members of:

  • British Poultry Council
  • Northern Ireland Poultry Federation
  • Chilled Food Association
  • British Frozen Food Federation
  • Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association
  • Campden BRI
  • International Meat Trade Association
  • FNICGV; French Meat (beef & pork) Federation
  • FIA; French Poultry Federation
  • UECBV; European Federation for Beef & Pork Meat

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