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Community Engagement

We draw most of our employees from the areas surrounding our facilities and we see our communities as important partners. Our community engagement programme is focused on two key priority areas – core programmes in youth employment and education, and charitable activities.

At Moy Park we truly believe our business is a people focused organisation. We invest heavily in the learning and development of our colleagues to help them to do their jobs more effectively, and in return they perform exceptionally. The community initiatives we engage in are a natural extension of this approach, also investing in the learning and development of young people in the local community of which we are an integral part.


Moy Park has invested in its community to bring bursaries, scholarships and work placements to young people, delivering enterprise education to school pupils, and has adopted a leadership position in supporting and developing youth employment in the rural economy.

The programme has various strands to reach across a wide range and leverage partnership resources, including youth training and education, bursaries and scholarships and work placements and experiences.

  • Improve youth opportunities for gaining employment
  • Provide decent employment
  • Education and training

Focused on developing young people in rural areas through our work with:

- The Prince’s Trust

- Young Enterprise

- Young Farmers’ Clubs of Ulster

- Tasty Careers

- Harper Adams

- IGD initiative – Feeding Britain’s Future


Employees across the company enjoy volunteering, supporting and engaging in charitable activities connecting directly with our communities in a personal and meaningful way. As a group we are proud of our three-year partnership with Farm Africa and will enthusiastically continue supporting other charities we care about in our community, where we will ensure the momentum and focus continues on our range of existing charity initiatives at each site.


Moy Park may be affected by the decisions of policy makers and other external stakeholders, therefore it is important to ensure that they are well informed of how their actions could have the most positive impact.

For this reason Moy Park regularly meets with a diverse range of stakeholders to engage in meaningful dialogue and exchange ideas. These have included meetings with the Environment Agency, shareholders, customers, employees, trade unions, business partners, lenders and insurers, investors and analysts, sector/industry experts, government, regulators, host communities, local and international NGOs, the media and suppliers.

In line with our corporate values any external engagement must be conducted in an ethical manner with respect to any relevant laws and regulations.

As a leader in corporate responsibility activity Moy Park engages and participates in external business-led forums to promote economic, environmental and social progress in the areas where we operate.

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