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Corporate Responsibility Commitments

Moy Park has defined a set of medium term corporate responsibility targets, our CR Commitments, which cover five areas – environment, customers, workplace, suppliers and community. Corporate responsibility is extremely important to Moy Park and these Commitments span all areas of our business, setting out a path for us to follow to ensure we are continually improving.

Reducing our environmental impact, positively engaging with community stakeholders and producing quality products with trust and integrity are at the core of our strategy. These Commitments together with operating a world class supply chain and creating a supportive, safe and ethical workplace help to set us apart as industry leaders.

Commitments environment

Environment Commitments

To conserve our environmental resources, optimise our compliance and enhance credentials.

Action AreaDefinitionCOMMITMENT2018-2020 Target
Climate Change- EnergyOptimise conservation of resources with development of technology including biomass, heat pumps, wind turbines, PV and fuel switching.Reduce energy use by 30% by 2020 compared to baseline year 2010. Optimise a reduction in energy intensity where appropriate. Deployment of technology, heat pumps, hot water heating, wind turbines, PV and fuel switching.
- Environmental ManagementContinue to improve our environmental stewardship through the development and enhancement of environmental management programme focused on reducing our environmental footprint and increasing the environmental compliance and efficiency of our operations in order to produce more product with fewer resources.Adapting latest version of 14001 EMS standards to efficiently deliver continuous environmental improvement. Ensuring that that it is clear, easy to use, and effectively & efficiently helps manage Moy Park’s environmental impacts.
Materials and Solid Waste- Organic WasteTo manage organic waste responsibly, with the medium / long term objective to drive opportunities to convert it to energy.To secure solutions to use organic waste and implement a commercially viable solution(s).
- Food wasteTo play our part to reduce food waste by half, in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3.Build on our support of Courtauld Commitment 2 to reduce packaging, household food waste, and reduce product and packaging waste in the supply chain, and evolved and are in alignment with ‘Courtauld 2025’.
- Landfill WasteMaintain 100% performance of all waste diverted from landfill. Continuously improve performance up the waste hierarchy.100% diverted from landfill.
- Packaging Waste ManagementMinimise waste by optimising use of packaging resources. By reducing packaging, maximising recyclability, using the most suitable materials.To reduce weight of packaging per tonne of finished product.
Water Consumption- Water Intensity ReductionImplement Moy Park Water Reduction Projects for 2018 in line with our
2020 targets.
Reduce water use by 20% by 2020 compared to baseline year 2010. Optimise a reduction in water intensity where appropriate.
Commitments customers

Customer Commitments

To produce great tasting products with trust and integrity.

Action AreaDefinitionCOMMITMENT2018-2020 Target
Sourcing of Poultry- Food Safety StandardsTo take a leading role in company and industry R&D projects to drive forward food safety standards in hygiene, product quality, audit status and approvals.Continued development of Food Safety Forum and Antibiotic Stewardship Forum.
Product Quality Responsibility- Food Safety ResearchIn partnerships with government bodies and research institutes to progress a significant reduction in Campylobacter prevalence.Maintain campylobacter retail levels at below the FSA target.
- Healthier ProductsTo make living a healthier lifestyles easier for consumers by providing healthier options in our products.Develop a Healthy Eating Strategy to reduce salt, fat and portion size.
Quality in the Production and Distribution of ProductsFood Safety WorkplaceDemonstrate food safety workplace standards through achievement and maintenance of customer and independent external accreditation bodies.Maintain BRC Accreditation.
Commitments workplace

Workplace Commitments

To optimise employee engagement so that our workplace is recognised as a great place to work.

Action AreaDefinitionCOMMITMENT2018-2020 Target
Team Members- SafetyContinue to improve Health and Safety metrics across all Group sites. Achieve improvements in UK Safety Index score and European score.Achieve a further 5% reduction in recognised Global Health & Safety metrics across all sites, towards a goal of zero harm.
- Employee EngagementImprove the employee engagement score to 80% in 2020 and get the views of 75% of employees. To introduce a quarterly engagement focus.Work to optimise engagement score.
- Ethical Workplace StandardsContinue to conduct our business in a responsible and ethical manner and be an employer of choice. Demonstrate ethical credentials by continuing to meet ethical standards through completion of site audits by approved ETI auditors and Sedex, Gangmaster & Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) and Supplier Workplace Accountability (SWA).Work to achieve 100% compliance.
Commitments suppliers

Supply Chain Commitments

To operate a world class supply chain.

Action AreaDefinitionCOMMITMENT2018-2020 Target
Supporting Local FarmingSourcing of PoultryEnsure sustainability and available supply of British grown raw material to support future growth.Capacity in agricultural supply chain to supply factories.
Product Quality ResponsibilityAnimal WelfareImprove animal welfare through environmental enrichment, including maximising the proportion of windowed houses within constraint of old houses, further research into environmental enrichment and maintaining 100% accreditation to relevant standards.90% of windowed broiler farms. Hot water heating installed in 85% of broiler farms. 100% of farms with enhanced biosecurity above ACP standards.
Quality in the Production and Distribution of ProductsSupply Chain IntegrityInitiate a research programme in partnership with the Institute for Global Food Security (IGFS) to undertake a risk analysis of supply chain integrity.

Build upon recommendations of KTP research programme initiated in 2014 and continue with IGFS.

Commitments community

Community Commitments

To positively engage with our community stakeholders.

Action AreaDefinitionCOMMITMENT2018-2020 Target
Community- Youth DevelopmentSupport youth education and development through a range of programmes including Young Enterprise, The Prince’s Trust, Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster, Tasty Careers, British Poultry Council Bursaries as well as school visits, farm visits and Open Farm days.

Maximise engagement in partnership programmes.

Young Enterprise – organise 2 Moy Park Challenge primary school events per year.

The Prince’s Trust – engage in at least 2 ‘Team’ programmes per year.

British Poultry Council Bursaries – award one bursary per year.

- CharityProvide opportunities to engage in fund raising and volunteering with charities across the business.Implement fund raising strategy for Marie Curie.
Social CommitmentCorporate ResponsibilityImprove performance on BITC CORE Standard for Responsible Business accreditation, year on year as a reflection of overall CR progress.'Silver' accreditation.

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