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Moy Park Hosts 'Feeding Britains Future' Workshop

Moy Park Hosts 'Feeding Britains Future' Workshop

At Moy Park we have shown our support for the ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ initiative by welcoming young people, who are participating in the programme, to our Grantham and Anwick sites.

The ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ programme, designed by research and training charity IGD and backed by Prime Minister David Cameron, has been developed in partnership with the food and grocery industry to help unemployed young people get a foot on the career ladder.

An important part of this innovative programme is providing a series of industry-related site visits with some of the UK’s top agri-food companies.

Mike Mullan, Moy Park’s HR Director Europe, said,
“Moy Park is delighted to support ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ and to welcome these participants to our Grantham and Anwick sites. As a key player in the agri-food industry, it is crucial we support young people in each of the areas we operate who are keen to get into this vibrant sector. Creating opportunities through mentoring and providing CV and training workshops is vital to gain the skills necessary to pursue a career in the food processing sector. We are fully committed to nurturing and developing the talents of young adults and hopefully this scheme will play a pivotal role in tackling youth unemployment and help to support the long-term success of the agri-food sector.”

Joanne Denney-Finch, Chief Executive at the IGD, commented, “The UK food and grocery industry employs 3.7million people – making it Britain’s biggest private sector employer. With that scale comes responsibility – we have a vital role in tackling youth unemployment by sharing our advice and experience. Feeding Britain’s Future is bringing the industry together to share the rules of the game with young people. We hope young people from in and around Grantham and Anwick will make the most of this opportunity to develop their skills and grow their confidence.”

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