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Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

Ashbourne has achieved twice as much light for 17% less power. The Process Two packing hall at the Ashbourne primary site has been re-lamped with high efficiency induction lights at the end of 2011. The light level has increased from 500 Lux to 1000 Lux, which has significantly improving the working environment for staff.

Over the course of a year the new lighting will save 23,477 KWh of power with an appropriate reduction in the electricity bill. This reduces Ashbourne's carbon footprint by 12.8 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide.

An additional benefit of the new lights is longer life expectancy and reduced maintenance costs. The new lights have an expected life of 6.8 years compared with the Metal Halides at 1.2 years. This means the old lights would have been changed up to six times over the lifetime of the new lights - coupled with a disruption to production.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Lighting:

• More light
• Better working environment for our staff
• Reduced running costs
• Less maintenance
• Less disruption to production

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