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Healthy Living and Wellbeing

Healthy Living and Wellbeing

Moy Park is committed to providing resources and programmes to underpin the wellbeing of staff through a range of wellbeing initiatives. We help colleagues to look after their own wellbeing and lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which will contribute positively to their engagement, performance and attendance at work.


Wellbeing Weeks offer a diverse selection of health and relaxation treatments, and provide information to encourage a healthy, engaged and motivated workforce. The aim is to get everyone actively involved and thoroughly enjoy the events.

The Action Cancer Big Bus is a highlight of Wellbeing Week and provides a valuable health screening service to colleagues with digital breast screening, health promotion and health checks for men and women. During the appointments several people were referred on to their GP for further advice which could help change their lifestyle for the better.

Occupational health consultants and technicians ensure employees receive regular health screening, relevant support following injuries or ill health issues, guidance on return to work capability assessments and access to help and advice on a number of health issues.

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