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Educational Visits

Educational Visits

To celebrate Open Farm days, families have visited Monksthorpe Poultry Farm and Barr Farm in Billinghay to meet our team of people – from those who make the feed that our chickens eat, to those who look after the birds and create the tasty dishes we provide for our customers. All our chickens are kept in large barns provided with natural light and are fed a balanced diet with an enriched environment including play bales, pecking objects and perches. Hundreds of visitors had the opportunity to use the specially constructed viewing gallery so they could see our chickens without disturbing them and learn more about life on a working farm.

These farm visits are great for learning about where our food comes from and have attracted interest from several schools including 30 pupils from St Mary’s Primary School who visited Moy Park farmer Oliver McElvogue’s poultry farm outside Dungannon. The children were able to learn about the ‘farm to fork’ message and farm safety, and experience a taste of daily life on a working farm.

In partnership with the Environmental Agency, Moy Park Hénin hosted a meeting with a group of students from the "Ecole des Mines" (engineering school). The wastewater treatment plant and the water management system implemented by Moy Park were of great interest to the students who were delighted to have the opportunity to see the equipment in operation first hand.

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