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Award Winning Integrated Waste Management Partners

Award Winning Integrated Waste Management Partners

Working with our integrated waste management partner, Biffa, Moy Park has made a dramatic improvement in waste reduction, transforming the ratio from 85% waste to landfill, to over 95% recycling and recovery between the time of forming the partnership at the end of 2010 to today. The ratio is currently less than 5% sent to landfill. This progress has been achievable due to each partner's expertise in waste management, a shared enthusiasm, and a focus on the "zero waste" vision by "waste champions" at each site, who work to identify opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover. Waste material is segregated, allowing its value to be realised as a recyclable commodity, or used to generate energy from waste. The partners have identified areas of potential improvement in waste practices through ongoing waste audits, which are revolutionising environmental performance and cutting long-term costs.

This outstanding partnership between Biffa and Moy Park has been recognised with a national award at the Food Processing Award 2012 for Environmental Solutions. Biffa received this award for a partnership that demonstrated a real achievement in environmental solutions in the food processing industry.

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